Russell Finex first started catering to the unique problems of the ceramics industry in the early 1950's. With our infamous High Speed Finex 22, commonly referred to as the "Dalek" sieve, we introduced an innovative new round sieving technique. This remains one of the most well known sieving machines in the industry as it is still recognized as a high performance unit well suited to ceramic applications. Through working closely with our customers and adopting new and improved manufacturing techniques, Russell Finex now offer the widest range of sieving and filtration equipment for the industry.

Below is a selection of applications where our separation solutions are used within the ceramics industry. However, we have dealt with many other types of processes so please Contact Us to see how we can help with your specific application.

  • Screening Clay


    Safeguard the quality of your clay products by removing agglomerates with the Finex Separator.

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