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Paula Okoye
Paula Okoye
Marketing Assistant

Visit Russell Finex at Stand C04:39

Process Teknik is Sweden’s leading industrial fair dedicated to process engineering. This international exhibition features the latest solutions, products and technologies for the entire processing industry. Taking place from 9th - 11th October in Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg, this exciting exhibition will facilitate the networking and collaboration of over 10,000 professionals and influencers from a variety of industries.

Processing Engineering Technologies 2018 Russell Finex

With over 80 years of experience across a range of processing industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, metal powders, chemicals, ceramics, paints and coatings, Russell Finex is a global leader in the manufacture of award-winning separation and filtration equipment. The company has supplied innovative machinery to renowned global companies such as Nestlé, New Balance, Mondelēz, GSK, and Unilever.

Russell Finex is pleased to be a part of Process Teknik 2018 with expert sales engineers at hand to understand and meet your sieving or filtration needs, whilst providing the best customized solution for you and your business. Products that will be on display at Process Teknik, Stand C04:39 include

  • The Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™- This safety sieve has been specially designed to screen handfed ingredients through a low level bag emptying station. Its 3in1 design sieves and removes oversized contamination from powders, quickly removes dust with the help of a dust hood and removes ferrous particles with a magnetic separator. 

  • The Finex Separator - This innovative classifying separator efficiently grades both wet and dry materials on up to five fractions. The machine allows full sieving flow on all mesh screens resulting in materials being screened and graded accurately in one operation. During the exhibition this separator will be fitted with the Vibrasonic® Deblinding System used to eliminate product blockage, the Russell Screen Changer™ for easy and safe accessibility to mesh screens during maintenance checks, and the Russell Vibrastop™ for reduced movement and noise during the start-up and shutdown of vibratory sieves.

  • The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® – This in-line liquid filter removes oversized contamination from all liquid products. Its unique SpiroKlene™ wiper system provides effective and continuous filtration down to 10 microns. During the exhibition this self-cleaning filter will be fitted with the Russell Filter Management System™, an automated system which continuously monitors the filtration process.

Visit Russell Finex at Process Teknik at Stand C04:39 to discover how this range of industrial separation equipment can improve your food and pharmaceutical production processes, or try the online Interactive Application Finder tool right now.

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