Protect Membrane Filtration Systems

Richard Kay
Richard Kay
Business Development Manager

Applications Part 1: Protect your membrane filtration system with self-cleaning in-line Filters


A fermentation process is used to produce organic pastes (artificial meat product) used in products such as burgers, sausages and various nugget type products. After fermentation, the product is passed through a centrifuge where the liquid effluent is then processed using a membrane filtration system to produce a bi-product used in food flavorings. To protect the membranes against blockages, a pre-filter is required to remove any large particles. Installing the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® with its unique Spirokleen™ wiper system and high accuracy filter element, provides both protection and improves quality of the bi-product. This reduces production downtime and maintenance costs by protecting the membrane filters from blockages. In addition, there is minimal product wastage.


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