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Self-cleaning wiper systems

Wiper system options to suit your application

Our wiper systems are available in a range of designs and materials. These cover all manufacturing processes from food and pharmaceutical to high temperature, solvent or abrasive applications. Contact us to help you find the right system to meet your requirements.

Wiper systems available


Spiral wiper system

Utilizing our unique Spiroklene™ system, the spiral wiper continuously cleans the surface of the filter element to ensure optimum filtration efficiency. This system is particularly suited for products with suspended solids or when using the filter in the horizontal orientation


Straight wiper system

Suited for more viscous products such as pastes that require a more positive pressure against the screen surface to ensure it remains clean. It is also commonly used when handling high flow or high temperature applications


Sanitary wiper system

Fitted within the Russell Hygiene Filter™, this sanitary wiper system has been designed to be completely dis-assembled without tools, allowing for zero bug traps and easier cleaning