Dust removal

Improve the quality of your products by eliminating fine particles

Ideal for removing dust from your powders and granules, the DeDust Pro™ allows for quick and accurate screening. As product is fed onto the screen, fine particles pass through the mesh while larger particles travel to the gutter and discharge separately. The 360-degree gutter allows efficient product dispersion, quickly removing oversize and leaving the mesh clear to sieve finer powders.

Features and benefits


Increases your productivity

Particles are equally distributed across the mesh for high-volume de-dusting


Improves your product quality

Accurately removes finer particles such as dust from your final products


Customize to suit your needs

The DeDust Pro™ can support additional scalping decks to remove larger particles before de-dusting, and optional lids ensure dust containment


Outperforms traditional cascade arrangements

The 360 degree gutter design guarantees quick product dispersion, efficiently removing oversize

The DeDust Pro™ is a proven solution for de-dusting powders when fitted to a Russell Finex screener. Its design prolongs mesh life by minimizing mesh blinding, resulting in fewer operational stoppages for enhanced cost efficiency.

It can be specified as part of a new screener or retrofitted to your existing Russell unit with the option to have ATEX certification.