Motor Starters

Reduce excessive movement and noise with the Russell Vibrastop

The Russell Vibrastop™ is a revolutionary enhancement for vibratory sieves designed to reduce excessive movement and noise during start up and shutdown. Replacing conventional starters, the Russell Vibrastop™ bypasses the sieves resonant frequency, resulting in shutdown of the sieve being almost instantaneous (within half a second).

The Russell Vibrastop™ has been designed in accordance with the EMC directive and can be retrofitted to all Russell Finex vibratory sieves. Supplied in a stainless steel IP66 enclosure it suits most production environments.


Features & Benefits

  • Increases production efficiency – routine inspection of parts can be reduced, saving time and labor costs

  • Improves usability – eliminates excessive vibration and movement

  • Extends equipment life – eliminates premature wear of components and damage to connecting equipment

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