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Screen deck lifting system

Inspect or change your mesh screens quickly and safely

The Russell Screen Changer™ is an award-winning screen deck lifting device. It provides your operators effortless inspection and replacement of mesh screens on any circular separators. Two high-performance pneumatic piston assemblies allow sieve decks to be lifted quickly and safely. This gives comfortable access to the screen requiring inspection or replacement. The innovative unit is compact, quick and simple to set up, fully mobile and easy to store.



Features and benefits


Improves operator safety

Eliminates the need for lifting heavy items. Fail-safe pneumatic safety system


Improves your productivity

Reduces production downtime by allowing mesh inspection and replacement in seconds by only one operator


Easy to upgrade

Retrofittable design easily fitted to any round separator


Improved usability

Easy-to-use integrated control unit, with a mobile storage device

Reliable, flexible, retrofitable

The latest pneumatic technology has been utilized to deliver a fail-safe interlocking safety system. The cylinders are locked perfectly in place, guaranteeing operator safety during maintenance. Even if the air supply to the machine is lost, absolutely no movement is possible.