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Russell Superclamp ensures optimum performance

The Russell Superclamp™ is a patented quick-release clamp that gives consistent clamping pressure. It overcomes the problems associated with frequently re-adjusting underclamps as gaskets wear or you change mesh frames. These self-adjusting clamps increase the life of clamp pads, seals and gaskets, as well as minimize heat generation and damage to the vibratory screener sieve deck mating surfaces.

Features and benefits


Reduces maintenance and running costs

Extends the life of your clamp pads, gaskets and sieve decks


Improves your product containment

Fully seals the sieve unit preventing dust escaping into your working environment


Hygienic design

Water and dust-tight design, ensures no contamination can enter the clamping mechanism


Easy to operate

Simple quick-release design for setup, operation and inspection

superclamp upgrade

Utilizing a spring-loaded pressure pad set to deliver the exact clamping force needed to consistently seal, this patented product gives a defined force every time. This increases the life of your screening machine and minimizes clamp replacement reducing maintenance and running costs of your sieving equipment. Furthermore, these clamps can retrofit to any compact machine, enabling an easy to set up design.

Other clamping systems:

In addition to the Russell Superclamp™, Russell Finex offers a wide range of clamping systems for check screeners and grading separators dependant on the application. To find out more about how our clamping systems and other upgrades can solve your processing problems and transform your productivity, contact your local sales engineer.