Deblinding Systems

The blocking or blinding of mesh is a common problem when sieving difficult powders, which can result in increased downtime and loss of good product. Whilst manual cleaning is one way to maintain your mesh screens, this can result in the mesh becoming damaged or broken.

Russell Finex offer various deblinding devices to overcome the various challenges when screening problematic materials:

Ultrasonic  Sieve  Deblinding Systems
The  Vibrasonic® Deblinding System applies an ultrasonic frequency to the sieve mesh to break down surface tension, making the mesh friction free and preventing particles from blinding or blocking the sieve mesh. Read more.

ultrasonic sieves deblinding systems
Simple devices that are used to help break down agglomerated, clumped powders or to assist in the screening of low density powders.

vibratory sieves deblinding discs and balls

Mechanical Deblinding Systems
A conventional method using discs or balls to dislodge particulate or remove agglomerated powders from in between mesh apertures.

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