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Dust and containment control

Control dust when sieving hazardous or toxic powders

The hazard of exposing operators to hazardous or toxic powders is important, particularly during regular product changes or during routine maintenance. Russell Finex offers a range of systems to maximize containment of products and safeguard your operators.

Pneumatic clamping

Fitted to the Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™, this patented TLI (Twist, lock and inflate) pneumatic clamping system provides a dust tight seal, providing a validatable OEL 5 containment (less than 1µg/m3).

Wet in place devices

The ‘wet in place’ system can be retrofitted into any of the Russell Compact Sieve® range. The wetting process is short using minimal wetting agent, resulting in a much faster, safer, strip down operation.

Russell Superclamps

These patented toggle clamps overcome problems with frequently re-adjusting underclamps. They incorporate an innovative spring-loaded pressure pad which ensures correct & even clamp pressure for optimum sealing, eliminating the risk of product leakage. Read more.

vibratory separators

Flexible connectors

Vibratory sieves and screeners are usually connected to upstream or downstream processes. It is important the correct flexible connection is used to contain product within the process and ensure the movement of the sieve is not restricted. As well as providing custom made solutions for specific installations, Russell Finex also offers a wide range of connections that will meet the needs of most commonly setups.

Convoluted rubber flexibles – These are the simplest and most common method of connection and have been specifically designed to provide excellent absorption of vibration. Available in food grade and high wear rubbers.

Tri-clamp connections – Comprising of a tri-clamp, seal and ferrule hose liner, these established hygienic connections provide excellent sealing and are commonly used within the food and pharmaceutical industries.

BFM – An innovative connector suitable for a wide range of applications. With a simple snap fit design these connectors are easy to install and maintain.