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AM quality control specialist uses automated powder recovery

AM quality control specialist reduces cycle times by 70%

Additive Assurance provides process monitoring and quality control for 3D printed components. Based in Melbourne, Australia, it specializes in (L-PBF) Laser Powder Bed Fusion techniques for customers in the aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical sectors.

The AM quality control specialist provides a unique sensor package using long exposure near infrared methodology for the rapid detection of faults and variations in additive manufacturing. The AMiRIS™ quality assurance system inspects every single layer of the 3D printing process at high resolution and provides detailed analytics on fluctuations and flaws.

Having worked in the additive manufacturing industry for many years, Marten Jurg, Co-Founder and CEO, had experienced powder sieving and recovery problems within other organizations.

Once a build is complete, the post-processing of L-PBF Additive manufacturing often involves removing and sieving the reclaimed powder manually. However, this is a lengthy labor-intensive process reducing productivity as well as increasing the risk of exposure of the powder to operators.


Additive Assurance

With the Russell AMPro® Sieve Station installed, there is no need for full-time operators. Application engineers who manage the in process monitoring technique can also operate the 3D printer because the cycle time is so short. Compared to manual powder recovery solutions, Additive Assurance has seen a 60 to 70% reduction in cycle time. The Russell AMPro® Sieve Station can remove all unused powder from a build job in less than ten minutes.

One of the biggest benefits of the Russell AMPro® Sieve Station is the auto-dosing and optimised sieving process. The Sieve Station removes the need to manually meter powder into the sieving station. Operators’ time is freed up to focus on other tasks within the manufacturing process.

The Russell AMPro® Sieve Station provides critical data on powder location to support the quality system. This information allows Additive Assurance to create powder health statistics, such as with the oxygen uptake of titanium materials.


What our clients say

“The AMPro Sieve Station makes life so much easier. The vacuum conveyor system and the sieving operation are an enormous time saver, so we need less headcount for our operations. I can’t emphasize enough its usability benefits for us. Support is just a phone call away. And I feel safe in the knowledge that we have local support through our reseller for parts and services.”

Marten Jurg, Co-Founder and CEO
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