Screening Dry Ingredients for Cookie Manufacturer

The Cookie Man achieves greater efficiency

The Cookie Man is the company responsible for introducing the Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie to England. Having already purchased a Russell Compact Sieve® the company purchased a second. This second Compact has doubled the capacity of sieving by working in tandem with the original machine. The Compacts are used to check screen a variety of dry ingredients enabling the company to meet the stringent COSHH and HACCP food safety regulations as demanded in the EFSIS higher level standard to which they are accredited.

 Check-screening dry bakery ingredients

The machine was tailored specifically to accommodate the height of the bins and to meet their exact requirements. The vibro sieve is designed for ease of installation, operation and are virtually maintenance free. The machines need no supervision so the operator’s involvement is dramatically reduced giving significant savings in labor and downtime costs. The mesh is only cleaned at the end of a production run which is made easy due to the use of quick release hand operated clamps that enable fast screen changes without the need for tools. Seated beneath the mesh is a magnetic trap to catch ferrous particles in the ingredients which are smaller than the mesh size. The system is capable of providing the high throughputs and accuracy of screening at very fine mesh sizes which is needed by The Cookie Man, maximizing productivity and ensuring the highest quality control standards.

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What our clients say

“I was so happy with the first machine it was natural to go to Russell Finex to purchase the second one.”
Carl Scheib, The Cookie Man

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