Pharmaceutical Powder Screener

Klinge Pharma install vibratory sieves

With the opening of a new £17m plant, Klinge Pharma invested in vital quality control and particle sizing operations for a range of solid-dose medicines. Having worked with Russell Finex to supply units for an existing facility, Russell Finex were recognized as setting the standard for the pharmaceutical industry, and were the natural choice to supply units for the new plant.

Pharmaceutical Powder screeners at Kling Pharma

Two Russell Compact Sieves® were provided incorporating twin high frequency vibrators to check screen incoming dry raw materials and remove any lumps that may have formed during transportation. At a later stage, two double deck 1200mm Russell Europa sieves are employed to segregate powders into different particle sizes, ready for further processing. At the final product coating, two 700mm Russell Europa sieves are used to sieve out any agglomerated particles.

Read more about how the pharmaceutical powder screener Russell Compact Sieve® allowed Klinge Pharma to guarantee the product quality of their pharmaceutical powders. Download full article.

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