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Clean in place hygienic sieving

New clean in place sifter ensures unrivalled hygiene standards for pharmaceutical manufacturers

An entirely new clean-in-place screening machine, designed for vital quality control and particle-sizing operations in the production of pharmaceuticals, has been introduced by Russell Finex. Unlike conventional sieves, the new high-performance Russell machine is totally enclosed, making it suitable for cleaning and steaming in place - up to pressure of 105 Psi. This allows manufacturers significant costs and operational benefits by allowing equipment to be sterilized in place.

Clean in place hygienic sieving

This eliminates the need to dis-assemble and remove equipment from the production line and move it to separate, isolated area for cleaning, a time-consuming and hazardous process which requires operatives to wear air suits for protection. As a result, machine downtime is reduced to a minimum, producing considerable savings in labor and production costs. Safety and working conditions are also improved by ensuring that operatives do not suffer any harmful effects by contact with toxic drugs.


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