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Filtering high grade fuel oil

An innovative waste management company creates a high-grade fuel oil

Global Recuperation, a waste management recycling company, reclaims used motor oil. Traditionally, Global Recuperation and other processors in the Quebec-area filtered waste oil with static filter cartridges at 20-mesh (900 micron). But there were production challenges with this approach as the waste oil contained a variable percentage of solids which rapidly clogged their static filters. In addition dedicated operators would have to manually clean the filters every 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the concentration of solids.

Filtering high grade fuel oil

To produce a cleaner, higher-grade fuel oil from waste oil and to streamline production, Global Recuperation turned to a state-of-the-art high-temperature filtration system from Russell Finex. The self cleaning filter screens at 150-microns and removes foreign particulate from waste oil, including tiny ice crystals that can form in winter, resulting in a cleaner burning fuel oil with less residue. As there are fewer particles, the high-grade fuel products only needs to be screened once before use, unlike inferior fuel oil which needs to be pre–screened several times.


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“The automatic wiper removes all solids that stick to the filter so it’s always clean. An operator just keeps an eye on the system and spends his time on other shop tasks. Eliminating the downtime of cartridge cleaning and replacement has dramatically improved production workflow. We’ve reduced labor by 75% and cut maintenance by 50%.”

Eric Poisson, Global Recuperation
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