Filtering Liquid Emulsion at Flexcrete

Self-cleaning industrial liquid filters provide robust and reliable filtration system for Flexcrete’s new hygienic liquid membranes

Flexcrete, manufacturers of high performance coatings and technical mortar solutions, required an in-line industrial filtration solution to meet increased demand for their liquid emulsions. After a consultation with Russell Finex at an exhibition, Flexcrete were confident that the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Flter® could meet their filtration requirements. Following successful onsite trials, Flexcrete purchased the industrial filter, which not only proved to increase production but also enhanced product quality.

Compared to other industrial filters which use consumable filter bags or cartridges, the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® utilizes a unique self-cleaning system along with a stainless steel mesh screen. This industrial filter offers significantly enhanced throughput rates whilst reducing blockages and waste.

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What our clients say

“The Russell in-line filter fulfils the need of our liquid emulsions business, and offers a very high throughput rate which helps us maintain our short lead time and quick delivery of our product”
John Morphet, Flexcrete

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