Liquid Filtration for Floor Coating

Beaulieu International Group increases productivity with the installation of Russell Eco Filters

The Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G) is a textile manufacturing company with an extensive range of products. The coating used to manufacture their cushion vinyl flooring used to be separated into a paste using static baskets, which were being used to filter out contamination larger than 0.05mm. However, the static basket filters were letting some contamination through, causing the production line to halt until the filters were cleaned.


Having dealt with Russell Finex previously, the company approached them for a new self-cleaning strainer. Russell Finex offered to test their Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® at the Cushion Vinyl production plant. After successful testing, B.I.G decided to replace their old filters with 4 new Self-Cleaning Filters. As a result the company has experienced decreased production downtime as well as a significant reduction in product wastage.

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What our clients say

“We were previously using static basket filters, however they were easily damaged and had to be cleaned 8 times a day, resulting in production breaks and even loss in revenue. The Russell filters take less than half of the space of the previous filters, but still have a large capacity of 1500kg/hr. In addition, the filter media does not get damaged easily and is re-usable. ”
Dieter Van Overbeke, Beaulieu International Group

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