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Grading cold brew coffee beans

Barrel Coffee AG refines its coffee grind quality while boosting productivity

Founded in 2017, Barrel Coffee AG specializes in the production of cold brew coffee, producing and bottling it in a multistage production line. To improve product quality, the Swiss company sought to improve its coffee bean grinding process. A key part of this process is extraction where the particle size can directly affect the taste of the coffee.

Previously, Barrel Coffee graded its coffee using a manual process which was insufficient for large throughputs as well as for removing all the finer particles from the ground coffee. Looking to invest in an alternative grading separation solution, the company contacted Russell Finex, who recommended the Russell Eco Separator® for the grinding process. Fitted with a mesh specifically sized to remove finer particles, Barrel Coffee eliminated the bitter taste from its coffee, enhancing the quality of their final product.


Providing high–performance separation, the Russell Eco Separator® proved to be a more efficient sieving solution, saving 3 hours on sieving time compared to Barrel Coffee's previous setup. In addition, the separator eliminated dust from the coffee to enhance its quality, and is estimated to make a quick return on investment within only 2 years.

Suitable for a range of applications, the Russell Eco Separator® can be easily fitted into any production line. Its design also allows it to be easily stripped down and cleaned, minimizing contamination in beverage production while reducing production downtime.


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“The Russell Eco Separator made an excellent and notable addition to the production line, improving our throughput rates and time saved from previously manually grading the coffee grinds. It definitely met expectations both in terms of separation efficiency and ease of handling, and ensured we could achieve the perfect grind each and every time.

Christoph Huber, Owner and Manager of Barrel Coffee AG
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