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Grading glass grit

Dutch company, Diaber, optimizes their glass recycling process with the Russell Finex Separator™

For over 25 years, Dutch company, Diaber, has specialized in industrial tools and minerals. Utilizing recycled materials, Reglass Glasgrit is one such product used as a media for Diaber’s sandblasting machines. Made using fine glass grains, glass grit is particularly effective for the removal of rust or paint from substrates.

It is important that the grit has a defined particle size range so that it doesn’t contain grains that are too big or too small. This would affect the performance of the sandblasting machines.

Traditionally, sieves or separators are used to remove the unwanted particle sizes. Looking to install a particle size solution in their new production facility, Diaber consulted Russell Finex to provide them with an efficient and cost-effective answer. The Finex Separator™ proved to be an ideal machine for the company, used to sieve recycled glass at a high capacity before it is cleaned, ground and packaged. The Finex Separator™ improved the company’s productivity and cost-effectiveness compared to previously outsourcing their glass sieving process.


Processing 2-3 tonnes of glass per hour, the Finex Separator™ outperforms conventional separators, reducing sieving time, while effectively removing contamination. In addition, production downtime was minimized by eliminating the need to transport glass to and from be processed off-site.

Available in different sizes, the Finex Separator™ is a suitable option for a wide range of production requirements, able to grade both wet and dry materials. It is designed to enhance your product quality while improving production rates to streamline your process.


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“We were very satisfied with the execution and assistance provided by Russell Finex. The performance of the Finex Separator was neat and accurate, and we were easily able to process the larger bulk fractions of recycled glass with little issue.

Kees Braal, a spokesperson for Diaber
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