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High performance round separators for screening fly larvae

Millibeter optimizes production and increases screening capacity when converting organic waste into renewable resources with the Russell Eco Separator

Founded in 2012, Millibeter breeds the Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) to feed on organic waste to generate sustainable raw materials. The fly only eats at larvae stage and consists of chitin, fat and protein, making it suitable for use in many applications including agricultural, industrial, pharmaceutical and chemical processes. As part of the overall process, the fully grown larvae need to be sieved before they are packed.

Millibeter initially used a manual process to sieve the larvae, which proved to be labor-intensive as well as a bottleneck in the production process. When upscaling production to a pilot plant, Johan Jacobs, Founder and Fly Master of Millibeter, turned to Russell Finex for a solution. Following an in-depth consultation, Russell Finex offered to trial the Russell Eco Separator® at their own specialized testing facility in Mechelen, Belgium, as well as onsite at Millibeter’s production facility.

The Russell Eco Separator® is a high performance high performance round separators which is commonly used to grade wet or dry materials, but is also suitable for other separation methods such as dewatering, dedusting or product recovery. The high performance separator was chosen for this application due to its ability to accurately grade material on up to 5 fractions in one operation, allowing Millibeter to quickly and efficiently screen the larvae into the required 4 fractions.

Russell Finex supplies innovative separation equipment to a wide range of industries. Every type of filter, sieve or vibratory separator can be customized to fit your specific application. Contact Russell Finex for more information on how we can help improve your production line.


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“We were very satisfied with the service Russell Finex offered us. By trialling the machine at both the Russell Finex facility and at our site we were confident that the machine was the right one for the job.

Johan Jacobs, Millibeter founder
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