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Grading lime putty

Intracoat expands its product range by grading lime putty into three fractions with the Finex 22™ sieve

Based in the Netherlands, Intracoat BV is a family business that supplies lime, sand and gravel products to wholesalers and DIY stores. The company specializes in lime-based aggregates, employing modern manufacturing methods to produce lime products for use in building conservation and renovation projects.

Lime-based products are key to the building trade, having been used to bind mortar for centuries. Looking to expand its product range, Intracoat experimented with the production of limewash paint. Being the preferred choice of heritage projects, Intracoat’s limewash paint required a uniformly fine texture and consistent colors. However, it turned out the regular lime putty was too coarse to be converted into limewash paint.


To combat this issue, Intracoat needed to grade its lime putty into different consistencies to match different products; finer putty would be used for the new limewash paint while coarser putty would be used for lime mortar. After contacting Russell Finex, the Finex 22™ sieve was recommended for use in Intracoat’s production line. Using a double deck configuration, the lime putty was separated into three grades in one pass, accurately grading up to 45 liters of warm putty per hour.

The fine grade putty was the perfect consistency for limewash paint, allowing it to be mixed with water-based pigments to create different-colored paints. Overall, the Finex 22™ sieve was a perfect solution for Intracoat, allowing it to separate out different putty consistencies to match the requirements of various product lines.


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“The double deck solution is brilliant. It allows us to produce three grades of putty in a single pass. We use the finest putty as a base for our limewash paints.

Martijn van Ommeren, General Manager
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