Grain separation for distilling whiskey

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ streamlines whiskey distilling process to boost production and improve consistency

As the craft distillery industry continues to grow, distillers strive to find the right balance between efficiency, taste and quality. One US distiller, known for its whiskey, bourbon and moonshine, looked to boost their production while creating a purer flavour for their whiskey.

With a long history in whiskey-making, the group once used laundry baskets for the separation of their grains and liquid. Searching for a more modern approach for their liquid solid separation needs, the mid-sized distillery consulted Russell Finex for a solution.

Within distillation, removing the grains before fermentation, or fermenting off the grain, allows for a purer taste while improving production efficiency. By first removing the grains, a greater volume of liquid can be distilled, while eliminating any ‘off flavors’ from the spirit that could be caused by tannins.


Installing the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ into their production line saw immediate results at the distillery. Handling high-flow rates, the centrifugal separator increased production by 25% while removing more grains before the fermentation process than before. All these benefits added up to a purer flavor and better cost-efficiency for the distillery.

By removing more grains from their liquid, the distillery was also able to reduce their environmental impact, sending the leftover grains to farms for cattle feed. Transportation costs were also minimized as the liquid extracted from the grains significantly reduced their weight.

About Russell Finex

With over 85 years of providing separation equipment to companies worldwide, Russell Finex understands the importance of maximizing productivity, while maintaining quality. Our eco-friendly solutions have helped distilleries across the globe to meet their production goals.

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