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Industrial screening of water slip

The quality of the final product is maintained when using Russell industrial screening technology

Quality control of the raw materials used in the production of Royal Crown Derby’s fine china’s table and giftware is essential to ensure any impurities such as carbon and metal particles are removed, which could contaminate the virgin clay, and be detrimental further along the production process. To ensure such contamination is removed Royal Crown Derby have installed a Russell Compact Sieve® in its slip house. Water slip, a mixture of raw materials and water is pumped in to the sieve which check screens and removes any impurities.

Industrial screening of water slip

Part of a range of high performance vibratory sieves, the Russell Compact Sieve® achieves high throughputs without holding up the next process stage. In contrast to many other sieve products, the Russell sieve is designed to operate in a confined space. At Royal Crown Derby it fits neatly into the production line even though headroom in the slip house is very limited. The Russell Compact Sieve® is also very easy to clean down between production runs. In addition, Royal Crown Derby also uses two other Russell machines in the slip house, both of which are used in the recycling of slip for re-use in other production areas.

Russell Finex has a history of supplying separation equipment for a wide range of companies within the ceramics industry. To find out more information about this application, and how it can be incorporated in your processing lines, please contact us.


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Brian Bourne, Royal Crown Derby
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