Faster separation for plant-based milk production

Organic milk producer increases efficiency with the Finex 22” Sieve

Rerooted Organic is a low-impact producer of organic milk in the U.K. The business has a strong focus on sustainability and carries out every step of plant milk production, bottling, distribution, and retail.

Unlike most plant-milk producers, Rerooted Organic supplies all its milk in glass bottles. The bottles are returned, washed, sterilized, and reused as part of the production loop. The circular business also relies on renewable energy to power its production.

FINEX 22 cutout.pngMilk production begins with the sourcing of ingredients from ethical suppliers. After roasting ingredients they are blended to produce a slurry. Rerooted Organic used a pneumatic press with a 150-micron bag filter to sieve out the oversized pulp from the slurry.

However, the press had a limited capacity which slowed down production. The slurry had to be manually poured into the press using 20-liter buckets. This was a slow, laborious, and physically tiring process for the operator. Milk produced in this way could also have a grainy texture due to residue from the ingredients passing through the 150-micron filter bag.

With the Finex 22” Sieve installed, Rerooted Organic could pump slurry into the Russell Finex machine without manual input by the operator. This reduced the separation time for a batch of plant-based milk by 50%. The automation also freed up the operator to work on other production activities as the Finex 22" Sieve allows continuous separation.

A further benefit for Rerooted Organic is better quality milk. The company uses a 50-micron stainless steel mesh with the Finex 22" Sieve which removes a greater volume of oversized pulp from the milk compared to the bag filter. This creates a smoother texture to the milk.

About Russell Finex

Founded in 1934, Russell Finex is a specialist global supplier of sieving and filtration equipment. With its head office in the U.K. and subsidiaries in Belgium, the U.S.A., India, and China the company supplies to over 140 countries.

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