Recovering Waste Water at Bristol Water

Recycling and treating waste water with help from separation solutions

Bristol Water plc use their water treatment plant to provide clean water to consumers. Water collected from their reservoir was previously being discharged into the local sewage system without being separated leaving debris like minerals, leaves and small fish.


Having previously worked with Russell Finex at another treatment plant four double-deck Europa vibratory separators were supplied by Russell Finex to overcome the problems. The Finex Separators are used to recover water from the debris discharged from a series of rotary micro strainers, which are fed with water at a constant flow rate direct from a reservoir. The first deck vibrates the solids out which are emptied at regular intervals whilst the second deck removes the small particles from the water, with the clean water then being pumped away for further treatment. With the new double deck separation system, substantial cost savings are made.

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