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Refining and clarification of juice

Russell Compact Sieve® helps German fresh juice supplier to improve juice quality and increase production capacity

Pressing fruit since 1936, Sachsenobst which is part of the Obstland Group, is famous for producing syrups, juices and wine. The group grows more than 40,000 tonnes of fruit each year, including apples, pears and cherries.

In light of growing demand, the company uses modern technology to produce 10 million bottles of freshly pressed fruit juice every year. Striving for sustainability and better product refinement, Sachsenobst recently invested in the Russell Compact Sieve® to efficiently screen pulp from fruit mash, while improving hygiene.

Juice suppliers can commonly face problems with juice clarification as raw juice typically contains high loads of solids, including bacteria and contaminants. By being able to remove more pulp from the final product, Sachsenobst was able to improve the quality and clarity of its juices.


Capable of high-capacity screening of both powders and liquid slurries, the Russell Compact Sieve® efficiently removes oversize and contamination. Previously, Sachsenobst used a less effective conventional rotary sieve which could not separate all the solids from their juices. Compared to the Russell Compact Sieve®, the old rotary sieve also took longer to strip down, due to its size, reducing productivity and compromising hygiene.

After installing a 600mm Russell Compact Sieve® with 500μm mesh, Sachsenobst managed to produce 5000 litres of fruit mash per hour. Its compact size also saves space within production lines, making it easier to strip down and clean while also improving hygiene. Satisfied with its purchase, the group is now happy to produce crystal clear and delicious orchard-fresh fruit juice.


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“The Russell Compact Sieve processes 5,000 litres of mash an hour. The fruit juice is crystal clear and tastes delicious.

Mr Zimmermann, Technical Manager at Sachsenobst
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