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Russell Finex increases safety and process efficiency for abrasive manufacturer

Russell Compact Sieve® reduces manual labor by 2-3 hours

Founded in 1983 in Massachusetts, USA, a manufacturer of abrasive products was in search of a solution to enhance efficiency and safety when processing abrasive raw materials. The company manufactures a variety of items, including abrasive stones, specialized wheels, and products that use sub-micron abrasive materials. Its products are used to finish cylindrical parts such as tapered rollers, piston pins, and shock absorber rods, as well as manufacturing precision fuel injection parts, hip implants, and gears.

The manufacturer has expanded its reach significantly with subsidiaries in Eastern Europe and China and distributes its products to 29 countries, serving customers in the automotive, bearings, and medical implant sectors.

The company’s production process uses a tumble blender to mix the abrasive raw materials. As the materials tend to agglomerate, they must be screened before the next production stage. However, the screening machine used was in a different part of the production site from the blender. As a result, a series of labor-intensive steps were necessary to transport the blended materials to the screening unit.

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Operators opened a valve at the bottom of the blender to extract the material into a drum underneath. The drum was then pushed across the production site using a hand truck to the screening machine. The manual handling of the drums back and forth across the site also raised the risk of back injuries to operators due to the physical nature of this role.

After a Russell Finex sales engineer recommended placing a Russell Compact Sieve® directly under the blender, the manufacturers efficiency significantly improved. The production capacity passing through the Russell Compact Sieve® is 2,000 pounds over 1.5 hours, while the labor time to screen the product has been reduced by 2 to 3 hours. The drums no longer need to be moved across the site for screening, and the labor-intensive activity for operators has been removed.

About Russell Finex 

Founded in 1934, Russell Finex is a specialist global supplier of sieving and filtration equipment. With its head office in the U.K. and subsidiaries in Belgium, the U.S.A., India, China and Brazil, the company supplies to over 140 countries. 

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