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Screening effluent at Buxted Chickens

Buxted Chickens cuts water rate by £34,000 per annum

Buxted Chickens were experiencing soaring water rates at their Yorkshire factory and therefore decided to invest in improved waste handling equipment and preliminary coarse screening. Russell Finex supplied two Russell Liquid Solid Separators™ to improve their process.

Screening effluent at Buxted Chickens

The totally enclosed stainless steel centrifugal separators were installed with 200 micron self-cleaning polyester screening sleeves which showed no sign of blinding with fat. The separators had a fixed speed of 2hp motors, and with a tilted body Buxted could increase or decrease the retained water content of the separated solid effluent to achieve the optimum consistency for air-blowing into the collecting vehicles tank.

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