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Separation of food additive powders at Kaul GmbH

Kaul GmbH and Russell Finex solve screening problems in the confectionery industry

Kaul GmbH, a supplier of glazing and anti-sticking agents for the confectionery industry, contacted Russell Finex to find a solution to a quality problem they were having with a food-additive powder. Kaul needed to screen and separate their powder into 2000μ, 1500μ and 1000μ (alternatively 800μ) fractions. Their existing tumbler screener was operating with a maximum throughput of only 500kg/h. In order to increase productivity Kaul needed to screen the powder at a far greater rate. The problem with the existing machine was escalated by the powder blinding the mesh screen, resulting in throughput falling further.

Finex Separator

Having previously worked with Russell Finex, the company trialled a 1200mm Finex Separator™ with staggering results – the screening time for 500kg of the powder was reduced from one hour to just three minutes. The vibratory separator`s adjustable weight system created a more vigorous action than the tumbler screener. This raised screening and separation efficiency. Due to the nature of the powder, the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System was installed with the separator to eliminate any mesh blinding, which helped to increase production output even further, reduce downtime to clean the mesh and increase mesh life. Kaul ordered the Finex Separator™ and both ultrasonic deblinding systems immediately after the trials and are now benefiting from improved product quality, increased productivity and lower costs.


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