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Screening food powders and liquid slurries

Farbest Brands optimize product throughput and equipment uptime with the Russell Compact Sieve

Farbest Brands is a food ingredient supplier to many manufacturers for everything from proteins and vitamins to sweeteners, preservatives and specialty products. To meet the demands of its customers, Farbest imports ingredients from all over the world for distribution or further manufacturing in its own plant in Columbus, Ohio. The ingredients they produce must not only be of the highest quality, but also designed to mix, blend or liquefy according to specifications that meet a customer’s own production and quality standards. This means choosing the right fine mesh separators to efficiently screen food powders and liquid slurries to ensure final product quality.

Russell Compact Sieve®

Farbest Brands uses a high-capacity, 36” vibratory screener from Russell Finex. The unique Russell Compact Sieve® is a breakthrough improvement over conventional screeners whenever headroom or room size are issues. Screening is a primary operation for ingredient manufacturers like Farbest. “We use a certain size of screen to prevent agglomeration of product, so that it mixes well with other products, and doesn’t ball up,” says Dennis Cowles, Farbest Maintenance Manager. “We often screen material before is goes into a mixer, for example. We don’t want any particles that are greater than a certain size so that we’re sure it will work for our customers when they make the end product.” Durability was also a requirement in Cowles decision. “These screeners use wire mesh screens, so we don’t have to worry about the screens tearing or pulling loose as with those made of nylon,” says Cowles.


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“Many screeners require a lot of time-consuming teardowns for cleaning, and that detracts from productivity. The design of this screener is really simple, which makes it easy to knock down and clean to our stringent requirements. The Compact Screener has an electropolish finish, which not only makes it easier to clean, but also makes it sanitary, which is very important in our business.”

Dennis Cowles, Farbest
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