Screening Rice Hull Ash

High capacity screening equipment sifts foreign materal away from the final product

Agrilectric, a leading US operator of rice hull combustion power plants, is innovatively attacking the problem of non-renewable energy. For better production efficiency, Agrilectric decided to streamline its business model by bringing a previously outsourced process – screening rice hull ash for foreign material - back in-house.


They searched for a screener that would be durable, reliable and robust, and with contractual services agreements to be met the screeners had to be fully operational in less than one month. However this was proving difficult to find, with their search finding machines that were too big or the manufacturer could not meet the delivery deadline. However, Russell Finex were able to meet all requirements with a high capacity 1500mm Russell Compact Sieve®. Being half the height of traditional screening machines this vibratory screener increased production capacity, boosted quality control and minimized product handling, lead and delivery times.

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What our clients say

“The screeners compact size and design fit our needs perfectly. It not only allowed us to keep our existing equipment setup, but also maintained our production efficiency better than other screener options we had. ”
Quintin Richard, Agrilectric

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