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Industrial filter for paint binders

Russell Finex helped Zydex Industries in replacing its filtration system to improve the quality of paint binders

Zydex Industries Pvt Ltd, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals formulated with sustainability in mind, through innovative, environment friendly and patented technologies in the areas of agriculture, textiles, paints, waterproofing and roads.

One of the main products of Zydex Industries is its ‘Paint Binders’. Binders are an essential part of a paint and coating industry. They hold the pigments in place and bind all the ingredients of the coating together. A paint binder is the key ingredient that directly relates to a paint’s performance, including adhesion, washability, scrub resistance, fade resistance or gloss retention.

To make sure the binders are of the highest quality, it is imperative to ensure there are no impurities and oversized particles in the liquid ingredients. Previously Zydex Industries was using manual operations for the removal of oversized particles from the liquid and faced major issues with product quality and spillage on the floor.

With this in mind, Zydex Industries looked for equipment to fit its requirements and contacted Russell Finex for advice. After an extensive consultation with a Russell Finex experienced sales engineer, it was suggested that an in-line self-cleaning filter would meet the requirements and give significant benefits. After a successful on-site trial, Zydex Industries purchased two Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® units. These self-cleaning filters instantly improved the quality of high-viscosity liquids such as paint binders and provided an efficient filtration solution by reducing the time taken for each batch to be signed off.



After the installation of these in-line filters, Zydex Industries has observed a 50% increase in the throughput capacity than the previous filters and 100% consistent product quality, boosting the overall production process. Following the satisfactory performance of the Russell Eco Filter®, the company has ordered a third self-cleaning filter for its new expansion.

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is an efficient, high-performance solution to protect liquids from contamination. A unique self-cleaning design incorporating the SpiroKlene™ wiper system provides effective and continuous filtration down to 15 microns. The filters are easy to strip down, clean and re-assemble in between color batch changes, meaning minimal disruption during product changeovers.


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