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Sieving plastic particles at Fremach

The Finex 22 vibrating screen was used at Fremach for sieving and screening polyamide fibre particles which increased productivity and reduced the product loss

Fremach, a worldwide supplier of innovative plastic products for the automotive sector, consumer electronics, and other products for the industrial market, experienced problems where products were not passing quality control and were rejected, resulting in product loss. In order to solve this problem, they turned to Russell Finex to provide a high-quality plastic particle grading sieve.


Fremach wanted to optimize their flocking process in order to continue delivering high quality products. Flocking, an integral part of Fremach’s production line, involves applying small polyamide fibre particles, also known as flock, onto a plastic surface which results in a a soft-feel finish. However due to irregularities caused by oversize contamination of the flock fibres, which should have been removed as part of the flock reclaim process, they were experiencing too much product loss.

Russell Finex offered to test its Finex 22™ industrial sifting equipment at the Izegem site in Belgium and, following positive results, Fremach purchased the unit. After installation, not only did they experience reduced production and lost product costs, but their standards for delivering high quality products are now reliably upheld, with far fewer finished products being rejected by quality control.

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