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Screening waste emulsion paint

Newlife Paints breathes new life into waste paint through an innovative recycling process

Newlife Paints is a producer of recycled emulsion paints. One of the most important parts of the process in converting waste emulsion paint back to high quality paint is to ensure any remaining contamination is removed from the paint. A self made in-line filter was initially being used after mixing. However, the filter blocked frequently and resulted in softer polymer being extruded through the screen, and in turn contaminating the paint. Realising the need to replace this filter, Keith searched for filter suppliers and contacted Russell Finex to discuss his requirements. After a consultation with a Technical Representative, it became apparent that due to the current processing scale a vibrating sieve would in fact serve the process better and at a better value.

Screening waste emulsion paint

Russell Finex provided a successful on-site trial, sieving paint through a Russell Compact Sieve®. The vibrating screens compact design and ease of use impressed Newlife Paints and consequently the machine was rented. After testing the machine on loan, Newlife Paints decided to buy the machine realising that it was a valuable investment. The Russell Compact Sieve® is mounted onto a stand high enough to fit a 210 litre drum underneath it. The sieve is hand fed and once the paint passes through the sieve, it is pumped into the paint tins. When an entire batch has been processed it is instantly stripped down and cleaned.


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“As different batches of colors are processed through the same machine, a key benefit for the Compact Sieve is that there is no color contamination from one batch to the next and cleaning only takes a matter of minutes”

Keith Harrison, Newlife Paints
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