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Separating apple juice at HP Bulmers

Separators save on water and costs at HP Bulmers

HP Bulmers achieved greater efficiency in the straining of apple juice, and substantial cost savings from a reduction in wash water consumption by installing two Russell Liquid Solid Separators™. They were previously using rotating drum screens which suffered from solid build up, causing the flow to be restricted and some of the juice to overflow to the solids sump.

Separating apple juice at HP Bulmers

The purpose of the first separator is to remove apple particles and any other contaminants from wash water after is has been used for cleaning the belts of a number of belt presses. By allowing a large proportion of the water used to be reclaimed in this way, the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ has reduced the company's water bill. The second separator is used for the straining of apple juice discharged from one of the newest presses. This has been found to give much greater efficiency than the rotating drum screen used for straining apple juice on the existing presses.  The unique action of the separator helps to keep meshes clear of oversize particles, ensuring unrestricted liquid flow. An integral spray system is fitted to back wash meshes in place without the need to strip down the machine.


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