Reuse valuable cooking oil and reduce your production costs

Our high temperature self-cleaning filters enable continuous filtration which reduce your costs and environmental impact.

Why reusing your cooking oil is important

With the cost of cooking oils rising dramatically it is important to optimize their use. A great way to do this, is to reuse the cooking oil that is used in your production process. The reuse of oil involves filtering out contaminants after use such as burnt food debris.

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Our expertise

We are global specialists in sieving and filtration equipment with a long history helping food manufacturers.

  • Many global companies using our technology to clean up their frying oil
  • Machine trials to find your optimal solution
  • Customized equipment to meet your needs

How our continuous filtration equipment helps

Our filtration equipment has been assisting food manufacturers reuse their cooking oil for years and is proven to deliver fast return on investment for our customers. Our equipment can help you:

Reduce your costs

Our equipment enables multiple ways to reduce costs.

  • Reducing the need for fresh cooking oil by empowering customers to reuse oil multiple times
  • Increasing the lifespan of fine filtration systems by removing larger food debris that would otherwise damage it.
  • Our equipment also protect heat exchangers, which allow for further savings from your production.

Maximize your productivity

Reducing production downtime and automating processes that free your operators to add value elsewhere, are some of the ways our equipment maximizes your productivity.

Protect your operators and downstream equipment

Our self-cleaning filters’ have a fully enclosed design which protects operators from potential harm when filtering hot oil. Our filters also protect downstream equipment from damage by removing larger debris.

More environmentally friendly

Reusing oil minimizes oil wastage. Our filters are designed to handle high temperature liquids so heat exchangers can recover the high cost of heating the oil. This makes processing more efficient and environmentally friendly.


Success stories

Automatic filtration and recovery of cooking oils

High-performance filter with automatic filtration system delivers efficient filtration and recovery of cooking oil.

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We offer you peace of mind with an optional trial so you can test our equipment to make sure it is right for you.


Customized solutions

We work with you throughout the process to tailor-make your equipment and address your exact needs.


Ongoing support

Whether it is our expert advice, our genuine spare parts or regular servicing we will continue to provide support to maintain your ideal solution.

Reuse your valuable cooking oil with our filters

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