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Grading graphite

40" Finex Separator with Spiroscreen grades graphite, maximizing throughput and preventing mesh blockage

Removal of contamination from powders like graphite is important to preserve the overall quality of the product. Used in a variety of different applications in various industries from medicine, transport, and industry, it is important to maintain its purity and remove oversized contaminants, before it is processed into these final applications.  

When removing fines from powders such as graphite, fitting a Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System - specifically utilizing a Spiroscreen - to a Finex Separator™ is the ideal solution. The vibratory separator provides control of product movement across the mesh and the Spiroscreen ™ prevents build-up of static charge and particles from blocking the mesh apertures. 

The Finex Separator™ allows for greater separation accuracy, with full product flow on up to five fractions, and can achieve much higher throughput compared to conventional round separators. Available in four different sizes, this high-powered separator provides major improvements in throughput as well as minimizing noise levels and lower maintenance costs. The Vibrasonic® Spiroscreen™ is specifically adapted for larger diameter mesh frames, ensuring maximum product yield and minimal mesh blinding.  

With 85 years of experience, Russell Finex supplies innovative separation equipment to a wide range of industries. Every type of filter, sieve or vibratory separator can be customized to fit your specific application. Contact Russell Finex for more information on how we can help improve your production line. 

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