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Recycling herb wash water

Reclaiming chive and coriander wash water with the Finex 22 Sieve to minimize product loss

The high speed Finex 22™ Sieve is a versatile unit suited for screening difficult powders as well as high viscosity liquids. In this demonstration video this vibrating screener is used to reclaim wash water used during the cleaning process of various herbs. Before the herbs are packed and shipped they need to be rinsed to remove contamination. After this process the wash water needs to be screened to remove any remaining herbs which are left in the water. The Finex 22™ Sieve successfully removes all contamination ensuring the water can be reused in the process.

The Finex 22™ Screen is the most versatile powerful vibrating screen on the market. With a very small footprint and being fully portable, the unit can be used at multiple locations in your production process. Benefitting from easy disassembly, mesh screens can be changed quickly, ensuring downtime is reduced and production costs are lowered.

All Russell Finex separation equipment can be tested at one of five state-of-the-art testing facilities. This allows customers to be sure that the equipment which is chosen best suits their application. Please contact us for more information.

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