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Safety screening mixed flour

The Finex 22” eliminates coarse lumps from flour

Due to its widespread use in thousands of food items around the globe, manufacturers require a dependable sieving solution for flour. Used in popular products like bread, pasta and cakes, manufacturers must screen flour to remove contamination before it enters the production line. This ensures compliance with strict food safety regulations.

In this demonstration video, the Finex 22" is used to screen mixed flour. The product is fed onto the mesh, where the sieving process separates all oversize particles and contamination, leaving behind a consistent, refined powder.

Before sieving, the flour contained large lumps due to the high humidity conditions the product was stored in. To address this issue, a rota plough was paired with the sifter to break down the agglomerated product. This step minimized mesh blinding and ensured all product was screened. Not only does this improve the quality of the powder but also increases product throughput, allowing for improved productivity and lower costs.

Outperforming conventional spring mounted separators, the Finex 22” is a versatile sifter used for both wet and dry applications across a range of industries. Whether it’s for grading or sieving, the Finex 22" can be easily tailored to meet your specific needs and is offered in stainless steel, ensuring compliance with food standards.

With 89 years’ experience collaborating with the food and beverage industry, Russell Finex has a vast range of solutions tailored to suit your exact requirements. Contact our knowledgeable sales engineers to discuss how our equipment can upgrade your production line.

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