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Screening zinc powders

High efficiency screening of smoke suppressant metal powders

Zinc borate is a white chemical powder used as a smoke suppressant and flame retardant in a variety of applications, such as paints, plastics, and pigments. To ensure the quality of this powder before it is packaged or mixed with other chemicals, this chemical needs to be thoroughly screened and sieved using a check-screening machine.

In this demonstration video, the zinc borate is check-screened using the Russell Compact Sieve® passing the good powder through a mesh screen, removing all oversize particulate and contamination from the chemical powder, achieving a smooth final consistency before it is packaged and shipped. As this is a very fine powder, it is prone to blocking the mesh apertures, also known as mesh blinding. To overcome this, the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System is also installed on the sieve mesh.

This high-performance vibro sieve is ideal for areas of limited headroom, and achieves a higher throughput per unit mesh area compared to conventional vibratory screens. Its enclosed screening allows for total containment for any hazardous dust and fumes, and it can also be stripped and cleaned easily without the need for tools.

To further improve the sieving of this zinc borate, a Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System is used. This system applies ultrasonic frequency to the mesh, allowing for the powder to pass through without blinding or blocking of the mesh apertures. It allows for increased capacity and reduces production downtime otherwise caused by frequent mesh cleaning.

With 90 Years’ experience manufacturing innovative sieving, separation, and filtration equipment, Russell Finex can provide a solution to suit any production requirement. To find out more about our range of sieving equipment for the chemicals industry, contact an experienced sales engineer today.

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