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PVC pigment powder screening

Removing contamination from PVC pigments with the Russell Compact Sieve® and deblinding discs

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pigment powder is an economical, high-strength polymer  used across a broad range of sectors but is most commonly used within the coatings industry. When processing PVC pigment, it is important that the powder is accurately check-screened to maintain a high-quality finished product.

In this demonstration video, the PVC pigment is being screened using the Russell Compact Sieve® which removes oversize contamination and agglomeration that may have formed whilst sitting in the packaging for long durations. This vibratory screener has been paired with de-blinding discs to overcome mesh blinding between the mesh apertures that could impact productivity.

Fitting easily into existing production lines due to its compact size, the Russell Compact Sieve® is an ideal solution for removing oversize contamination from wet and dry ingredients whilst keeping investment costs low. This versatile machine can be easily dismantled and moved around the production plant to clean or change the mesh to sieve different sized materials. This minimizes production downtime and improves throughput capacity.

Mesh blinding is a common problem faced by fine powder manufacturers which results in production lines having to stop to dislodge blockages and create higher waste rates from unusable product. In order to solve this issue, de-blinding discs are one option to consistently remove blockages and blinding between the mesh to accurately check-screen fine powers without impacting production rates and quality.

With 85 years’ experience providing high-quality screening and filtration equipment, Russell Finex has a range of technologies that can be tailored to meet any business objectives. To find out more about the range of screening and filtration solutions on offer for the coatings industrycontact our sales engineers to discuss the selection of innovative equipment Russell Finex has on offer.

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