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Separating dried pasta rings

Grading broken pieces of pasta with the Finex Separator to improve product quality

A food manufacturer with strict final product standards required an efficient solution for separating broken pasta rings from whole pieces during the production process.  The company had a tight tolerance regarding the amount of broken pasta allowed in the final product. Although the company’s conveyers were made to handle fragile products, the manufacturer was exceeding the target of broken product blended with whole pasta rings. This demonstration video shows how the 30” Finex Separator™ successfully removes fragmented & broken products from a batch of pasta rings; ensuring a final product of only the desired particle size

The Finex Separator™ was chosen because of its ability to accurately grade the broken pieces of pasta extremely effectively. This is achieved via its unique vibrator housing design; allowing for significant increases in capacity compared to conventional separators. Additional benefits such as lower noise levels and running costs make this vibratory separator an easy choice for manufacturers demanding high performance and reliability.

A worldwide leader in fine mesh separation technology, Russell Finex has over 80 years of experience working with manufacturers in the food industry. Read food case studies and watch other food industry trial videos to learn more about how Russell Finex can help you improve product quality and production efficiency.

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