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Screening turmeric powder

Finex Ultima enables screening of fine turmeric powder

The Finex Ultima™ is a revolutionary vibro screen separator made exclusively for the Indian market. Employing Russell Finex’s vibratory screening technology, it is designed to increase productivity, quality and hygiene. The vibro screen delivers accurate grading and separation in one operation, and is capable of screening wet or dry materials. It is popular for use in the food industry for screening products like flours, sugar and spices such as turmeric – demonstrated in this video.

Here, the 30” Finex Ultima™ machine is hand fed with batches of turmeric powder. The vibro screen technology enables sieving, on this occasion through a mesh size of 315 microns, separating the undersized fine turmeric powder and the oversized lumps. However, when screening through fine mesh or using difficult powders such as this, the screen can become blocked, resulting in production downtime to clean the screen, as well as loss of good product.

For this application, the Finex Ultima™ is upgraded with a mechanical deblinding system, an effective solution to mesh blockage. The system uses small discs or balls to dislodge blockages and remove clusters of powder that can clog the mesh apertures, keeping the screening surface clear.

As competition and the demand for quality in the food industry increases, manufacturers look for innovative ways to optimize their production process and end product. This vibro screen separator fitted with a mechanical deblinding system offers a solution to grading problematic powders. Screening capacity is increased, and oversized materials are removed, ensuring a high quality final product, increasing sales value.

The Finex Ultima™ increases productivity compared to conventional spring-mounted vibro separators. Its unique rubber suspension system conveys maximum vibration to the screen, resulting in greater production capacity, as well as reduced noise levels. A hygienic design means it is suited to applications where hygiene and quality is of the highest importance. Available in four different sizes, the Finex Ultima™ can ensure grading of up to 5 accurate product fractions on four sieve decks. In order to screen fine powders, mesh sizes are available down to 10 microns.

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