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Screening aluminium powder

The Finex Separator™ efficiently removes oversize in aluminium powder  

Aluminium is widely used in a variety of industries due to its versatility but manufacturers require an efficient and reliable sieving solution for aluminium powder to eliminate anomalies from their products. 

Some of the products that rely on aluminium powder include cans, foils, window frames and aeroplane parts. Having powder that has been qualified by a check-screener makes sure the products are up to industry standards on quality and safety. 

When sieving aluminium powder with conventional machines, manufacturers are often left with oversized powder that can cause impurities in their final products or their sieving capacity can’t keep up with production requirements. 

 In this demonstration video, the Finex Separator  is used to screen oversize in the aluminium powder. The product is fed onto the mesh, where the sieving process separates all oversize particles, leaving behind a consistent, refined aluminium powder. This machine was chosen because of its convenient sizing and the cost effectiveness it provides manufacturers, whilst still being powerful enough to sieve difficult materials.  

 The Finex Separator™ is the best solution for quickly and accurately grading or sizing powders. With its powerful vertical power generation, the Finex Separator™ can tackle any complex sieving with ease.   

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