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Sieving pet food powders

Industrial sieving of pet food ingredients to remove all oversize contamination and guarantee quality of powders for use in production

2017 saw an all-time high in global pet food sales, with the market reaching an estimated £53billion. Dried pet food, which is the largest-selling pet food product, saw a 12% increase in production, to over 28 million tons. As the global pet food and animal feed market continues to grow, manufacturers must optimize their production efforts to meet increased demand for products, without compromising quality. One way of protecting product quality is installing an industrial screening machinery to check-screen the dried ingredients and powders used in pet food and animal feed production, removing oversize and foreign contamination.

In this demonstration video, pet food powders are screened using the Russell Compact Sieve®. This industrial sifter for dried food ingredients ensures the quality of animal feed and pet food powders, removing oversize and foreign contamination to guarantee a consistent powder quality and granule size. The screened powder can then be used in the production of dried animal food products, such as pet food and treats.

These vibratory sieves fit easily into existing pet food and animal feed production lines, with a compact design that fits easily into existing installations and areas of limited headroom. An innovative design means these units are capable of up to double the throughput per mesh area compared to conventional vibrating screens, and a wide range of sizes and options means the machine can be tailored to suit your exact needs. To reduce production downtime, the units can be easily stripped down and cleaned without tools.

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