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Sieving sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid

The Russell Compact Sieve® screens sodium sscorbate and ascorbic acid to improve quality

In light of the growing immune health market, vitamin C has become increasingly popular. Being synonymous with immunity, more people are increasing their consumption through the use of supplements. Sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid are the two main substances used to absorb vitamin C, and are both widely available as pill supplements.

In this demonstration video, the Russell Compact Sieve®is being used to effectively screen both supplements. These free-flowing powders are screened using a 1000 micron mesh, removing oversized contamination from the final product making it suitable for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications. As its name suggests, this unique high-performance sieving unit is compact in size meaning it can be easy integrated into any production line while being easy to clean and disassemble.

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