EBM Industry AM Powder Handling

AM powder management system to reclaim and reuse the powders used in electron beam additive manufacturing

Electron beam melting (EBM) is an additive manufacturing method whereby metal powders are melted, layer by layer, by a concentrated beam of electrons to build a component. Once the build is complete, the built component is extracted inside what is commonly referred to as a ‘semi-sintered cake’ – unused powder partially sintered to the outside of the component. This unused powder remaining on the component is then removed and reused for further builds.

The Russell AMPro® Sieve Station is a specially-engineered metal powder management system, designed to reclaim and requalify unused powder directly from the build envelope. A version of the Russell AMPro® Sieve Station has been developed specifically to suit EBM powder recovery, and provides a fully-integrated and automated, high-capacity solution to recondition unused powders. The system can be integrated directly into your powder recovery or de-powdering process, providing a convenient solution to guaranteeing the quality of metal powders before reuse.

The Russell AMPro® Sieve Station - reclaiming and requalifying metal AM powders in electron beam additive manufacturing

EBM Powder Handling System

  • Integrating the Russell Compact Sieve® ensures minimal contact parts for tool-free strip down and easy cleaning to prevent cross contamination

  • Effective removal of all out-of-spec powder, reclaiming all reusable powder ready for use

  • Simple one-button operation and fully programmable settings minimize operator involvement

  • Compact and fully-mobile design provides a versatile system to suit your production process

A range of other sieving equipment is also available for grading or check-screening metal additive manufacturing powders before and after use in EBM systems.

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