Ethanol-based extraction

Liquid solid separation to extract cannabis product from solvents

Ethanol is a popular choice for cannabis extraction, having played a significant role in botanical extraction for thousands of years due to its wide availability. Using this method, dry or frozen cannabis material is soaked in pre-chilled ethanol, separating the plant’s trichomes from the rest of the plant matter. Ethanol extraction of trichomes can be achieved through cold or warm extraction. These methods of extraction produce a high percentage of cannabinoids while leaving low levels of terpenes to be removed during filtration. In order to remove the ethanol from the extract, the solution needs to be filtered. This low-cost method is favoured amongst producers due to its high throughput and low electrical costs.

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ is ideal for removing solid materials from liquid solutions, making it perfect for filtering your ethanol-soaked cannabis solution. Achieving high capacities of filtration, this machine can purge the ethanol and impurities from your cannabis extract ensuring the purity and quality of your product.

Benefits of ethanol-based extraction

FDA approved- Ethanol is commonly used as a food additive or preservative making it safe for human consumption

Better production safety- Compared to butane and CO2 extraction which requires a pressurized extraction system

High-volume extraction- Efficient at separating cannabis compounds from plant matter and further assisted by liquid solid separation with high rate of filtration

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