Water-based application

High-performance separation for water-agitated cannabis

Water extraction utilizes a solvent-less method of extraction that submerges the cannabis plant in freezing water. The plant is stirred in the cold water causing the trichomes to separate from the plant. Using this method, microscopic trichomes on the surface of the flower become brittle and break off into the ice water. The plant matter is then collected in a basket within the agitation tank. Cold water extraction is a simple, affordable mean of cannabis extraction that is a popular choice for small-scale producers. However, as more facilities shift towards more natural production methods, even bigger commercial producers have started to favor water extraction.

Using a vibratory separator, trichome rich water can be efficiently, and effectively separated from the spent plant material. The Finex Separator ™ can screen both wet and dry product while also allowing drained water to be reused to further optimize your cannabis processing. Easily integrable into any production line, the Finex Separator ™ is also easy to strip and clean to minimize production downtime.

Benefits of water agitation

Simple and cost-effective extraction- Without the need of solvents or hydrocarbons, water agitation minimizes costs while being generally safer

Sustainability and efficiency- Water used for agitation can be recycled and reprocessed using the Finex Separator ™

Increased throughput- The Finex Separator ™ is capable of high-capacity screening to efficiently separate water content from your product

Contact us to find out how our vibratory separator can boost the productivity of Ice water extraction method.

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