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The Finex Separator safeguards the quality of your clay products

Kaolin (China clay) and Ball clay are two of the most common types of clays used for manufacturing everyday items such as pottery & building materials as well as being a key ingredient in paper, paints and adhesives. As with many products, it is important to ensure the quality of the clay is consistent and is free from any oversized contamination. Russell Finex have developed a unique, high performance separator known as the Finex Separator™ ideal for screening clay either in its liquid slurry state or once it has been dried into a powder ready for transportation.

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The Finex Separator removing agglomerates from your clay products

The Finex Separator™ is mounted on a patented vibratory assembly using a unique rubber suspension system that not only provides significantly higher capacities compared to conventional spring mounted units, but also provides increased accuracy of separation. Whether you are screening liquid clay slurries or fine clay powders, you can be assured of a reliable and accurate separation of your clay products.

  • Unique vibratory assembly significantly increases capacity compared to conventional spring mounted units

  • Patented rubber suspension provides improves separation accuracy and low noise levels down to 69 dBA

  • Provides accurate grading of clay slurries or powders up to five fractions in one operation

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What our clients say

“After we replaced the five original separators with new ones from Russell Finex, we increased throughput by almost 50%.”
Tom Oldaker, Zemex Corporation